Creative Writing Curriculum

Creative Writing majors in this program complete 39 hours of courses, beginning with two introductory courses in creative writing and literary and cultural studies. After this introduction, majors complete 33 hours of coursework: four creative writing courses; five literature courses chosen according to the distribution requirements outlined below, a senior capstone, and an elective.

Creative Writing Major Requirements

(for students entering Miami University in August 2014 or later)

CW Contact

Margaret Luongo
Director of Creative Writing

Student Learning Outcomes for Creative Writing Majors

  1. Writes with considered and creative attention to style and form, exhibiting proficiency in manipulating elements of craft to a well-chosen intentional effect.
  2. Produces writing that shows evidence of engagement with diverse contemporary and historic literary traditions.
  3. Demonstrates advanced close reading skills in description and analysis of creative writing (peer and/or published), showing evidence of familiarity with craft, structure, and conventions of genre in contemporary and/or historical works. 
  4. Exhibits familiarity with conventions and expectations of the literary field and marketplace, demonstrating awareness of customs and etiquette in publishing and competency in offering constructive editorial assistance.