Thematic Sequences

ENG 2 | Women and Literature

Assumes the importance of gender as a category for analyzing authors and texts. Attention to how various literatures that constitute “English literature” represent women and gender constructions, how these representations differ, and the various agendas pursued through these representations. Most important, emphasizes women as themselves authors and readers. Builds new knowledge of non-canonical writers and texts; reconsiders canonical writers and texts by focusing on depictions of women or your relation to women's writings.

For more information, please consult Miami’s Liberal Education website and/or the General Bulletin.

ENG 3 | American Life and Culture Since World War II

A cross-disciplinary study of the changing forms of American culture since World War II.

ENG 4 | Film in Popular Culture

Introduces cultural studies, specifically the analysis of contemporary popular culture. One of the central objectives is to develop analytical tools to examine how film, popular literature, and other mass media (ordinarily 'taken for granted" elements of everyday life) have shaped our modern sensibility. In its very nature, the study of popular culture is interdisciplinary, examining both the text and the context of such cultural creations as mass-market literature and film.

ENG 5 | Language and Literacy

Uses formal reasoning skills, research and writing, and ethnographic case studies to develop a sense of the synchronic structure and diachronic background of the English language so that you understand how concepts of literacy have changed through the ages, how literacy functions in contemporary society, and how societies, schools, and communication technologies interact to shape our concepts of literacy, rhetoric, and language standards. Studies grammatical structure of modern English, social and cultural history of the language, and either rhetorical theory (STC 239) or contemporary notions of teaching writing (ENG 304). Although ENG 301 and ENG 302 are recommended to be taken before ENG 304 or STC 239, choose three of the four courses listed.

ENG 8 | African American History and Literature

Provides a sustained encounter with the African American experience from the arrival of African Americans to North America through their contemporary cultural and literary accomplishments.

ENG 9 | Writing for Specialized Audiences: Print and Online Design and Composition

Provides an introduction to theory, principles, genres, tools, and practices for those who wish to increase their expertise in professional writing.  Through practice and community-based projects, the sequence develops the student’s ability to analyze audiences, design communications to achieve specific goals, test these communications with users, and produce the documents in digital or print media. The first two courses stress visual design and preparing texts for production; students may then choose ENG 413/ENG 513ENG 513 or ENG 414/ENG 514ENG 514, depending on whether they are interested in genres that report on past activities, request resources, or document processes.