Amélie Davis

Assistant Professor of Geography/Institute for the Environment & Sustainability
Miami University
213 Shideler Hall
Oxford, Ohio 45056


  • BA 2001, Earlham College
  • MS 2004, University of Delaware
  • PhD 2009, Purdue University 


Human-environment interactions, environmental sustainability, land change science, ecosystem services, environmental land use planning, landscape ecology, GIS


  • GEO 441/541: Geographic Information Systems
  • GEO 451/551: Urban & Regional Planning
  • IES 274: Environment & Sustainability
  • IES 474: Sustainability in Practice

Selected Publications

  • Minor, E., J.A. Belaire, A. Davis, M. Franco, and M. Lin. 2016. Book chapter "Socioeconomics and neighbor mimicry drive urban yard and neighborhood vegetation patterns" in Urban Landscape Ecology: Science Policy and Practice.
  • Davis, A., J. Jung, B. Pijanowski, E. Minor. 2016. "Combined vegetation volume and "greenness" affect urban air temperature", Applied Geography 71; 106-114
  • Mayer, A., B. Buma, A. Davis, S. Gagne, E. Loudermilk, R. Scheller, F. Schmiegelow, Y. Wiersma, and J. Franklin. 2016. "How Landscape Ecology Informs Global Land-Change Science and Policy", Bioscience
  • Davis A., N. *Malas, and E. Minor. 2014. "Disentangling the Biophysical and Anthropogenic Drivers of an Exotic Bird's Distribution", Biological Invasions 16(2):415-427, doi: 10.1007/s 10530-013-0530-z
  • Davis, A., J.A. *Belaire, M. *Farfan, D. *Milz, E. *Sweeney, and E. Minor, 2012. "Green Infrastructure and Bird Diversity Across an Urban Socioeconomic Gradient", Ecosphere 3(11):105.
  • Davis, A., B. Pijanowski, K. *Robinson and P. Kidwell, 2010. "Estimating Parking Lot Footprints in the Upper Great Lakes Region of the USA", Landscape and Urban Planning, 27(2): 255-261.
  • Davis, A.Y., B.C. Pijanowski, K.D. Robinson, and B.A. Engel, 2009. "The Environmental and Economic Cost of Sprawling parking Lots in the United States", Land Use Policy, 96(2): 68-77.
  • Olson, J.M., G. Alagarswamy, J. Andresen, D. Campbell, J. Ge, A. Davis, M. Huebner, B. Lofgren, D. Lusch, N. Moore, B. Pijanowski, J. Qi, P. Thornton, N. Torbick, and J. Wang, 2007. "Integrating Diverse Methods to Understand Climate-Land Interactions in East Africa", Geoforum 39(2): 898-911, doi:10.1016/j.geoforum.2007.03.011.