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Department of Geography

Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today

Our faculty are active and leading researchers in critical areas of scholarship and policy like urbanization and planning, global and sustainable development, climate and environment, and geospatial science. We work closely with students on diverse research topics including urban development, migration, culture, urban landscapes, watershed management, fire, landscape ecology, climate change, food security, and more.

Miami University is a public, undergraduate-centered, liberal arts institution. Our Department of Geography reflects a discipline that trains students to ask questions and address problems about the world’s peoples, cultures, daily lives, and environments.

We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees that not only foster integrative knowledge and critical thinking skills, but their application to real-world problems. While our primary focus is on undergraduate education, we offer a high-quality graduate experience for students interested in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.

Graduates of our programs have demonstrated success in securing employment and entrance into competitive graduate programs.

Our Mission and Vision

We prepare students to apply integrative thinking and technical skills to linked social and environmental challenges through a dynamic curriculum, student engagement, and high-impact research.

Our vision is to connect people, places, and environments for a more sustainable world.

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Geographers and Planners Explore

  • diverse and uneven patterns of development
  • how ecosystems and livelihoods respond to global change
  • the changing meaning of citizenship in a diverse, mobile and global society
  • observe, analyze, and visualize a changing world
  • policy options for mitigating or adapting to environmental change
  • planning for more sustainable cities

The Department of Geography offers:

  • two undergraduate majors
  • two minors
  • one graduate degree
  • one certificate program


Student and faculty research in the Department of Geography explores various dimensions of geographic change: from environmental, to urban, to political-economic.

Faculty Research

Faculty in the Department of Geography are active researchers and leading scholars in important areas of scientific inquiry and policy. The department has particular expertise in::

  • Global and Sustainable Development: impacts of globalization and structural change, diverse people and places; race, ethnicity, gender, identity and citizenship.
  • Urban Geography and Planning: dynamic urban processes and patterns, cultural landscape; critical studies of power and place and mobility; urban and transportation planning.
  • Geospatial Science: Earth observations, remote sensing, GIS, open source coding, data science and analytics, land-use/land-cover change modeling, and program management.
  • Human-Environmental Interaction: human-driven environmental change, climate change impacts and adaption, biodiversity, natural resource management, and hydrology.
student and professor talking at a white board

Student Research

All students gain experience in individualized research in collaboration with faculty. Undergraduates have diverse opportunities to undertake independent research or participate in faculty research, and all students do in-depth research in required undergraduate capstone courses. All graduate students do advanced experiential research through thesis or internships. Along the way, they develop critical project-management, data-collection, and critical-thinking skills. Projects have brought students to diverse places across the globe, from Oxford and Chicago in America's Midwest to Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

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Help us prepare the next generation of leaders in the geographical fields—and our society as a whole. We have numerous scholarships, grants, and programs accepting contributions from donors like you.


Department of Geography

118B Shideler Hall
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