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Culture, Citizenship, and Place

Engaging a Diverse World

Navigating an interconnected world requires careful understanding of how people relate to each other and the places they live, work, and visit. Social and cultural geographers explore how global forces intersects with local diversity (in ethnicity, gender, race, or class) to shape unique places. Organizations and businesses increasingly value people with “intercultural competence.”

Building Community

A diverse world needs people skilled in

  • understanding and bridging cultural differences
  • communicating and collaborate with diverse people
  • effective tools for making the world a better place

Degree Options

A Curriculum Local and GlobalStudents in front of Pilsen Mural for Immigration Reform

Majors in Geography and Sustainable Development and Urban and Regional Planning focus on

  • human geography: people and places
  • regional geography
  • urban diversity and global change
  • advanced topics in citizenship, public space, gender, and the environment

Making a Difference

Careers in government, business, and non-governmental organizations include:

  • community and international development
  • diplomacy and foreign affairs
  • human resources management
  • education and diversity training

In the Real World

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