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Geography Careers

Diverse careers exist for students passionate about people, places, and the environment. Geographers and planners can make a difference in the world. They "think big" about people, the environment, and data. Recent alumni work locally, domestically, and internationally. 

Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection

  • Federal agencies (e.g. US EPA, Forest Service, National Park Service)
  • state and local government (e.g. Ohio Department of Natural Resources)
  • environmental consulting (e.g. Tetra Tech) and 
  • Private companies and start-ups (Xylem Analytics)


  • technology companies (e.g. Apple)
  • regional planning agencies (e.g. OKI Regional Council of Governments)
  • corporate planning and location analysis (e.g. Walgreens)
  • Federal agencies (e.g. NASA)

Global Development

  • social entrepreneurship (e.g. Community Empowerment Solutions)
  • international development (e.g. USAID)

Planning and Economic Development

  • community development (e.g. City of Dallas TX, Detroit Future City)
  • economic development agencies (e.g. Brooklyn Downtown Partnership)
  • transportation and health (e.g. Cleveland RTA, Columbus Public Health)

Real Estate, Development, and Logistics

  • commercial real estate and development (e.g. CBRE, Macy’s Inc.)
  • professional services (e.g. PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  • supply chain and logistics (e.g Amazon)

Sustainable Urbanism

  • design/consulting (e.g. Environmental Design Group)

Miami University’s Center for Career Exploration and Success provides our students with extensive support in career planning, preparing a resume, and finding an internship or job.

Department of Geography

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