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Global and Sustainable Development

Global Challenges, Innovative Solutions

We face unprecedented social and environmental challenges, from income disparity to climate change. Sustainability holds the promise to better balance economic growth, environmental protection, and social justice. Those working in sustainable development build a better future, at home and abroad.

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Sustainable development experts apply integrative perspectives and practical skills to

  • understand dynamic human and environmental relationships
  • analyze and map patterns of resource use and development
  • design innovative solutions and imagine alternative futures
  • implement effective policies for addressing global and local problems

Degree Options

Integrating Humans and EnvironmentRoof Garden

Majors in Geography and Sustainable Development (international emphasis) and Urban & Regional Planning Majors (cities) focus on

  • human and environmental interactions
  • economic development, resource management, and urbanization
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • principles and practices in sustainability and social justice
  • green planning, design, and technology

Sustainable Careers

Diverse and purposeful careers include

  • International/Social Development Specialist
  • Sustainability and Climate Professional
  • Diplomacy Foreign Service
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Urban Planner

In the Real World

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