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Cities and Urban Planning

Designing Urban Futures

For the first time in human history, the world is predominantly urban. Our towns and cities are shaped by complex forces, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Understanding urban dynamics helps us plan efficient, equitable, and sustainable places.

Making an Impact

Urban planners and geographers help shape cities of the future. They must be able to

  • understand complex urban dynamics
  • analyze and map changing urban patterns
  • imagine alternative solutions to complex problems
  • collaborate effectively with decision-makers and the public

Degree Options

An Interdisciplinary Curriculumclass discussion in urban planning

Majors in Urban and Regional Planning (and Geography, with an urban concentration) focus on

  • human and urban geography
  • urban planning principles and techniques
  • geographical information science (GIS)
  • advanced topics in public space, land use law, etc.
  • urban field experience in Chicago

Purposeful Careers

Diverse careers can be found in

  • city planning
  • economic and community development
  • real estate/development
  • sustainable design

In the Real World

Department of Geography

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