Undergraduate Research Forum

2017 Annual Undergraduate Research Forum

The Annual Undergraduate Research Forum was held on April 26 in the Shriver Center from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  Undergraduate students participated in this forum and are listed below along with the title of their research work.  This forum is sponsored by the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship (OARS).


Rice, Savannah, Miles, Jack, Frey, Noah, "Creating an Initial Exploration Framework for the Berea Sandstone within the Appalachian Basin", Advisors:  Brian Currie and Patrick Cullen

Chatterjee, Wrik, "Quantitative Analysis of Biotic Interactions with Echinoids", Advisor:  Carrie Tyler

Baxter, Nick, "Characterizing Hydraulic Fracturing Induced Seismicity on a Network of Pre-existing Faults in Harrison County, Easter Ohio", Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski

Kempf, Hannah, "Using Food Webs to Examine Ecosystem Organics during biotic Invasions in late Ordovician Shallow Communities", Advisor: Carrie Tyler

Leverigde Max, "Improved Seismological and Geological Characterization of Seismicity Induced by Wastewater Disposal near Marietta, Ohio", Advisor:  Mike Brudzinski

Cooper, Bri, Goldstein, Jessica, et al, "Identifying Structural Features for the Southern Extent of the Rome Trough in Gilmer County, W.V.", Advisors:  Brian Currie and Patrick Cullen