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Department Honors

If you are a major in German, REEES, or EALC with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (in both of your major courses and overall), you may be invited into the department honors program. Invitation is by the department chair, the Chief Departmental Advisor, and a sponsoring faculty mamber in your major. The honors project is a one semester independent reading and research project in the senior year, capped by an oral and written presentation. The honors project is done in addition to the other major requireemnts. Success complettion and acceptance by the faculty will result in a transcript notation of "Graduated with Department Honors."

The current courses that quality for department honors are:

  • CHI 480 - Departmental Honors
  • GER 480 - Departmental Honors
  • JPN 480 - Departmental Honors
  • RUS 480 - Departmental Honors

Department honors may be taken for a minimum of three semester hours and a maximum total of six semester hours in senior year. Prerequisite: permission of instructor and department required.