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The German Major

27 hours plus 9 hours of related courses

Required courses:
  • GER 301 - German Language Through the Media (3)
  • GER 311 - Passionate Friendships in German Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present (3)
  • GER 312 - Coming of Age in German Life and Thought (3)
  • GER 321 - Cultural Topics in German-speaking Europe since 1870* (3) or
  • GER 322 - Comparative Study of Everyday Cuture: German-speaking Europe and the USA** (3)
  • GER 471 - Miami Plan Capstone: Linguistic Perspectives in Contemporary German  (3)
  • One 400-level GER course (prerequisite: 6 hrs. of 300-level German)

Electives in English:

  • GER 151 - The German-American Experience (3)***
  • GER 162L - Romanticism (in Luxembourg only) (3)
  • GER 231 - Folk Tales and Literary Fairy Tales (3)***
  • GER 232 - The Holocaust in German Literature and Film (3)****
  • GER 252 - The German-Jewish Experience (3)***
  • GER 260 - Topics in German Literature in Translation (3)
  • GER 261 - German Film in Global Context (3)****

Electives in German:

  • GER 241 - German conversation I (2)
  • GER 242 - German conversation II (2)
  • GER 330A - German drama production (credit/no credit only) (1-2)
  • GER 350 - Contemporary Writing in German (1)
  • GER 410 - Seminar in German Language and Literature (1-4)
  • GER 461 - Germany: Milestones in the 20th Century (3)
  • GER 480 - Departmental Honors (1-6)
Related Courses:
  • 9 hours of related courses approved by German CDA; no GER courses except for these cross-listed courses:
  • FRE/GER 212 - Secular Jewish Culture From the Enlightenment to Zionism (3)
  • ENG/SPN 303 or ATH/GER 309 - Introduction to Linguistics (4)
  • GER/ENG/FRE 356 - Contemporary Jewish Fiction In Europe (3)
  • Another major or a minor may satisfy this requirement.
  • 6 hours of GER courses in English may count toward a major.
  • Completion of two majors, or a major and a minor, counts as a Thematic Sequence.
  • All courses for the German major must be taken for a grade unless offered only as credit-no credit.
  • Independent studies courses may count toward the major, but may not substitute for required courses.
Honors Courses:
  • GER 480 - Departmental Honors (1-6)

For more information or questions about the German major, please contact:

Dr. Mila Ganeva, Chief Department Adviser
Irvin Hall 140
(513) 529-1821 Office
(513) 529-2296 FAX

* Taught each summer in the Intensive German Summer Program
** Taught once each year in Oxford and Luxembourg
*** Miami Plan Foundation Course
**** Global Miami Plan Course

(updated 14 January 2014)

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Student Profiles in German

  • Colin J. Sexton

    "Studying German at Miami University allowed me to continue to develop my passion for the German language and culture."

  • Shuwei Jiao

    "... [T]hanks to all the amazing professors at Miami, I was able to continue my study and accomplish another degree in German."
  • Virginia Cooper

    "Following one's passions will eventually pay off in many ways."

  • Jay Malone

    "After graduating, I used my degree in English to start a career teaching my native tongue, a decision that ended up taking me across the world, from Iceland to Tajikistan. Incredibly, regardless of where I went, I always seemed to find some use for my German."

  • David Knowles

    "I thoroughly enjoyed all my German classes and professors in the GREAL Department.  Miami University truly does have the best professors, and I can never thank them enough."
  • Casey Smitson

    "Majoring in German and American Studies has taught me to analyze and think critically about different cultural trends and allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of both cultures."

  • Jeffrey Holbrook

    "The faculty of [GRAMELAC] ignited in me a keen interest in German literature, from its origins to postwar works."

  • Perry Manross

    "...the Miami Plan prescribed language aptitude. Since I didn’t have any, I picked German nearly arbitrarily. It turned out to be a very useful language."

  • Cristina Rue

    "When looking back at some of my best personal and professional decisions, attending Miami University is always at the top of my list."

  • Natalie Brooke Soto

    "When I arrived at Miami University … I had no idea just how much my life would change and how much I would learn.  And I owe a great deal of that to the German department at Miami."