Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class Dr. Cathie Grimm with a German 111 Class

The Minor in German

18 hours above the GER 150 level (may include GER 201 and GER 202)

Required courses:
  • GER 301 - German Language Through the Media (3)
  • GER 311 - Passionate Friendships in German Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present (3) or
  • GER 312 - Coming of Age in German Life and Thought (3)
  • GER 321 - Cultural Topics in German-speaking Europe since 1870* (3) or
  • GER 322 - Comparative Study of Everyday Cuture: German-speaking Europe and the USA (3)**
  • One 400-level GER course
  • More GER courses as needed to make the required 18 hour total.

GER 179, GER 309, GER 356 cannot be taken for the Minor.
3 hours of GER courses taught in English may count toward a minor.
Students who complete two majors, or a major and a minor automatically earn credit toward an Miami Plan Thematic Sequence.
All courses applicable to the German minor must be taken for a grade except those courses offered only as credit-no credit.

* Taught each summer in the Intensive German Summer Program
** Taught once each year in Oxford and Luxembourg

For more information regarding the German minor, please contact:

Dr. Mila Ganeva, Chief Department Adviser
Irvin Hall 140
(513) 529-1821 Office
(513) 529-2296 FAX

(Updated 5 May 2011)