Parking Options

Parking in a Parking Lot

Please login to the parking website and complete the form with your name, email, and automobile information. Conference attendees will not be charged for parking at Miami during the conference.

You will have the option to print the pass and can display it in your automobile, but it is not required. You must be driving the vehicle you have registered or you may receive a ticket.

This pass may be used to park in any parking lot on campus.  The closest lots are the Bachelor Hall lot, the Cook Field lot, CPA East lot, and Ditmer Field.


Please see the map of all parking locations on campus.

Parking in a Garage

We also have on-campus parking garage options.  You will need to pay per the hour to park in these spots.  The
garages are North Campus Garage and the Campus Avenue Garage.    The hourly rate is $1 for the first hour, and
$0.50 for each additional hour up to a daily maximum fee of $10.00.  No overnight parking is permitted in the

If You are Ticketed

Please bring the ticket to the registration desk in Bachelor Hall 115A, or you can bring it to the Math Office, Bachelor Hall 123. The Math Department will then contact the Parking Office to request that the ticket be voided. We can not guarantee all tickets can be voided.