Scholarships, Funding, and Awards

The Department of Mathematics offers several prizes and scholarships to students. Scholarship amounts are not large, since they are awarded by the department and not the university -- they serve as recognition for a job well done.  There is no need for students to apply for any of these awards, since the department awards them based on information provided by faculty and by existing academic records.  Note that one must sign-up early in the Spring semester in order to compete in the Patterson Examination or Pi Mu Epsilon Examination.

OSMOND BARTON PRIZE in Mathematics to an outstanding senior in mathematics, to honor Osmond Barton; by Luella Fouch, Class of 1910. 

MCFARLAND PRIZE in Mathematics to an outstanding senior in mathematics, in memory of Professor McFarland; by the Honorable James R. Patterson, Class of 1858. 

ALUMNI SENIOR PRIZE to an outstanding senior in Mathematics and Statistics. 

H.C. CHRISTOFFERSON MATHEMATICS EDUCATION AWARDS to outstanding seniors who plan to teach in secondary school. 

BYRON SMITH AWARD to an outstanding undergraduate student majoring in mathematics. The award was established in 1999 by Mr. Byron Smith III (Class of 1970). 

CORWIN SMITH PRIZES in Mathematics to outstanding juniors in Mathematics; in memory of Mr. Corwin Smith, Class of 1919, by Hinckley Smith, Class of 1891. 

MARY JEANETTE AND CLIFFORD HARVEY SCHOLARHIPS. Clifford Harvey was a faculty member in our department for many years. The scholarship is for the student's next academic year at the start of which a recipient must have senior standing. This scholarship is awarded to one or more students majoring in Mathematics and Statistics or in Mathematics Education, who have a grade point average of at least 3.5 overall and in MTH/STA courses. 

J. PAUL & JOHN P. ALBERT SCHOLARSHIPS. J. Paul Albert was a faculty member in our department from 1923 until 1962. The scholarship is in memory of his many contributions to our department, and also in memory of his son, John Paul Albert Jr., Miami class of 1948. This scholarship is awarded to one or more sophomore majors in Mathematics, Statistics or Mathematics Education for the junior year. Recipients must have earned at least 45 semester hours at Miami, have been a full-time college student for no more than two years, and have an overall GPA of at least 3.7. The award winner(s) is/are selected from Miami University scholarship applicants by the Chief Departmental Adviser of the Department of Mathematics and the departmental Awards Committee based upon information provided by the Office of Student Financial Assistance as well as that from Mathematics and Statistics faculty. 

PI MU EPSILON AWARDS in Mathematics to sophomores chosen by a written examination prepared and graded in March by the students of Miami's Ohio Delta Chapter. 

KOEHLER SCHOLARSHIPS in Mathematics, in memory of Donald Otto Koehler, department member from 1968 until 1983, are small scholarships awarded to meritorious first- and/or second-year students, based on overall record, or nominated by their MTH 222 or MTH 331 instructors, or based in part on mathematical accomplishments outside the classroom.

PATTERSON PRIZES in Mathematics to first-year students chosen by a written examination given in March on material through second semester calculus. 

FACULTY PRIZE in Mathematics and Statistics to an outstanding student in any class. This award is funded by department faculty contributions and need not be given each year. 

ZOLTAN BALOGH MEMORIAL AWARD in Mathematics. Zoltan "Zoli" Balogh came to Miami University in 1988-89 as the Distinguished Visiting Professor in Mathematics and Statistics. He accepted a permanent position with the department in the fall of 1990. Already a world-class researcher in set-theoretic topology, he continued to solve famous problems in the area until his death in the summer of 2002. In these fourteen years, he also established himself as an excellent teacher and an active supporter of student projects and activities. In recognition of his work with students, a memorial fund has been established to provide a yearly prize to students who have distinguished themselves, not only by excellent course work but also by going beyond the usual requirements for the degree