Graduate student researcher
Microbiology at Miami

Faculty and Staff

Research-active Microbiology Faculty

Luis A. Actis
Professor and Chair
97 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5424
Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis
Mitchell F. Balish
Associate Professor 
   and Director of Graduate Studies
80 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-0167
Cellular, subcellular, and molecular studies of morphology, organization, and division in Mycoplasma species
Annette Bollmann
Associate Professor
46 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-0426
Ecophysiology of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria; Culturing the unculturables
Eileen K. Bridge
Associate Professor
54 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-7264
Adenovirus host cell interactions
Joseph M. Carlin
Professor, Assistant Chair,
   and Chief Departmental Advisor
48 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5426
Immunology of intracellular Chlamydia infections; molecular mechanisms of interferon-mediated immunity
Xiao-Wen Cheng
Associate Professor
56 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5429
Host-range factors of baculovirus and gene transcription strategies of ascovirus
D.J. Ferguson
Assistant Professor
90 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5441
Anaerobic one-carbon metabolism in methanogens and Gram-positive bacteria
Natosha L. Finley
Assistant Professor
66 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-0950
NMR and biophysical characterization of bacterial exotoxins; Molecular basis of heritable muscle defects
Iddo Friedberg
Assistant Professor
44 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-3182
Bioinformatics; microbial genomics & metagenomics; protein function prediction; protein function promiscuity and moonlighting; evolution of pathways
Gary R. Janssen
68 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-1694
Translation of leaderless mRNA; molecular analysis of antibiotic resistance genes; phosphate regulation of secondary metabolism in Streptomyces
Marcia R. Lee
Associate Professor
    and Director of Medical Laboratory Science
42 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5425
Use of ice-nucleating active bacteria and fungi for biological control
Rachael Morgan-Kiss
Associate Professor
98 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5434
Polar Microbiology, Physiology, and Ecology

Instructional and Administrative Microbiology Faculty

Kelly Z. Abshire
91 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-2028
Identification of bacterial proteins important in intracellular survival
Rebecca Balish
40 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-1661
Marjorie (Kelly) Cowan
Middletown Campus
  116J Johnston Hall
(513) 727-3211
Description and disruption of microbial adhesion
Aaron Greene
Visiting Instructor
37 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5406
John R. Stevenson
Associate Professor
32 Pearson Hall
(513) 529-5427
Mechanisms of macrophage function; protein malnutrition-induced immunodeficiency

Affiliate and Adjunct Microbiology Faculty

John Karro
Affiliate Associate Professor,
Associate Professor of Computer Science
   and Software Engineering
(Ph.D., University of Virginia 2000)
Computational biology, comparative genomics, molecular evolution, and population genetics
Thomas L. Dawson, Jr.
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Principal Scientist, Miami Valley Labs,
   The Procter & Gamble Company
(Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1994)
Malassezia globosa genomics, identification of anti-dandruff targets
Richard E. Edelmann
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Director of the Center for 
   Advanced Microscopy & Imaging,
   and Instructor of Botany
(Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1993)
Electron microscopy, cellular ultrastructure, and mycology
Andor J. Kiss
Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Supervisor of the Center for
   Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics 
(Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005)
Globular protein stability & cold adaptation

Office Administrative Staff

Bev Scaggs
Administrative Assistant
32 Pearson Hall
513 529-5422
FAX: (513) 529-2431
Bev Scaggs
Barbara J. Stahl
Senior Program Assistant
32 Pearson Hall
513 529-5422
FAX: (513) 529-2431
Barbara Stahl

Research and Instructional Support Staff

Greg Hubbard
Science Stores Specialist
33 Pearson Hall
513 529-5422
FAX: (513) 529-2431
Greg Hubbard
Linda Zehler
Laboratory Animal Resources
83A Pearson Hall
Linda Zehler
Xiaoyun Deng
Senior Program Assistant
32 Pearson Hall
513 529-4281
FAX: (513) 529-2431

Post-Doctoral Researchers

Steven Fiester
Post-doctoral researcher
(Ph.D., Kent State University 2011)