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Microbiology Major

The Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology (MBI) provides a broad and flexible curriculum for students interested in pre-professional studies or an entry-level career in microbiology or health sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is a more in-depth study of microbiology for students looking to pursue a graduate degree or career in research.

Medical Laboratory Science Major

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) major provides a broad curriculum that combines a set of core courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Math and ends with a year-long medical laboratory internship at an affiliated teaching hospital.

MLS Course Requirements

Bioinformatics Minor

Bioinformatics is the application of computation to problems in molecular biology and a fast-growing field of significant importance in both academia and industry. Students completing a bioinformatics minor gain basic knowledge of biology and programming needed to work in this area, as well as an understanding of how computational techniques can be used to advance our knowledge of the life sciences and biomedicine. Bioinformatics is being applied increasingly to research areas as diverse as personalized medicine, evolution, structural biology, and population genetics.

Molecular Biology Minor

The Molecular Biology Minor is offered cooperatively by the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Microbiology, and enables students to pursue in depth a multidisciplinary study of biological phenomena at the molecular level. It provides a strong foundation for students planning careers in biotechnology industries or advanced work at the graduate level.

Global Health Minor

Global Health Studies (GHS) offers a transdisciplinary minor for students interested in better understanding the complexities of global health and developing the necessary collaboration and research skills to work towards ethically addressing global health problems, including:

  • Pandemic infectious diseases
  • Non-communicable diseases
  • Food and water insecurity
  • Community development

M.S. and Ph.D. in Microbiology

The department offers high-quality advanced degree programs for students interested in Microbiology. Supported by funding from numerous federal agencies, private foundations, and corporations, the Department's twelve research-active faculty members conduct highly regarded research that addresses important health, economic, and other societal needs.

M.S. and Ph.D. in Cell, Molecular, and Structural Biology (CMSB)

The Microbiology, Biology, and Chemistry departments participate in the interdisciplinary Cell, Molecular, and Structural Biology (CMSB) Graduate Program. Students who are interested in a CMSB degree can perform their M.S.. thesis or Ph.D. dissertation research with MBI faculty who are affiliated with this program.

Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (EEEB)

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (EEEB) is a multi-disciplinary program that includes the study of organisms and their interactions with the environment, basic and applied research, and training, with a major focus on the application of ecological and evolutionary principles to environmental issues.

Additional Academic Opportunities

Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

Our combined degree option allows students at Miami to work toward a master's degree concurrently with their undergraduate degree. The combined program is intended to take 5 years instead of the 6 (or more) usually required to obtain a graduate degree. Students completing an M.S. degree will be positioned for entry into research careers or advanced graduate education at the doctoral level.

Premedical and Pre-Healthcare Programs

If you are interested in medical topics such as the mechanisms by which microorganisms cause disease or understanding how the immune system combats infection, then a degree in Microbiology can be an efficient and effective gateway to medical or healthcare-related professional schools.

Department of Microbiology

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