Microbiology Seminars and Events

Culture plates
 Psychrophilic algae
 Broth cultures
 A gloved hand reaches toward the incinerator, labeled 'Caution Hot'
Fluorescent bacteria
 Microbes infecting cells
 Fluorescent viruses
 Antarctic research
Goldwater scholar at work in the lab

The Department of Microbiology schedules a variety of seminars each semester, all open to the public.

  • We invite guest lecturers from throughout the Midwest to present research seminars in our weekly Microbiology Seminar Series.
  • One to two times per semester, we host world-class microbiologists to present their research in our Distinguished Lecture Series.
  • In addition, our annual Stark lectures, presented by leading biologists, are funded by the family, friends and students of Orton K. Stark, the founding chair of the Department of Microbiology.
  • To keep abreast of the research in our department, our graduate students present their latest research findings in our weekly Graduate Seminar Series.

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Microbiology Seminar Series

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