Kelly Z. Abshire

Teaching Professor of Microbiology

Office: 91 Pearson Hall
Phone: (513) 529-2028


  • MBI 111: Microorganisms and Human Disease
  • MBI 123: Experimenting with Microbes
  • MBI 131: Community Health Perspectives
  • MBI 361H: Epidemiology (Honors)


Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology, University of Michigan, 1991

Research Interests

(Note: instructional faculty - not accepting graduate students)

My research and scientific interests have primarily focused on host-pathogen interactions. More specifically, I have investigated the responses induced in Salmonella enterica cells when these cells were experiencing life within macrophage host cells. Using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, I catalogued the protein expression profiles that a certain strain of S. enterica made in response to conditions within macrophages. These protein expression profiles were then compared to expression profiles made in response to various stresses applied to S. enterica in vitro. This approach revealed that a minimum of 35 proteins were induced in the intracellular conditions and that induction of several of these proteins may be unique to the intracellular environment.

My primary role in the Department of Microbiology is teaching undergraduate students about microbiology. I teach Global Miami Plan Foundation courses for non-majors (MBI 111, MBI 123, MBI 131), and a course on epidemiology for majors in microbiology and other students interested in the topic (MBI 361H). In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I serve as a faculty advisor for capstone projects in microbiology, as an academic advisor to microbiology majors and pre-health students, and as the faculty advisor for Microbiology Club. I am also a member of the Global Health Studies faculty group.