James P. Clemens

James Clemens

Associate Professor

Office: 307 Kreger Hall


B.S. Miami University 1997
M.S. Miami University 1999
Ph.D. University of Oregon 2003
Joined Miami faculty in 2005

My research is in theoretical quantum information and quantum optics. My interests lie at the interface between quantum optics and quantum information. Quantum information deals with information processing tasks such as key distribution, teleportation, and quantum computing which rely on the power of entangled states – states with stronger correlations than are allowed classically – to manipulate information with fewer resources than are required by analogous classical protocols. Quantum optics deals with states of light and matter that are inherently quantum mechanical, often making use of correlation functions to characterize these features. Recent and ongoing theoretical and computational investigations include entanglement and correlations in two-mode cavity QED, the performance of a quantum teleportation protocol based on superradiance and subradiance in the emission from a pair of atoms, the performance of quantum error correcting codes and decoherence free subspaces in the presence of partially correlated noise, and the spatially directed spontaneous emission from a collection of atoms.

I am a faculty member of the Macklin Quantum Information Sciences (MQuIS)Group at Miami. MQuIS is a node (member) of the internationally renowned Southwestern Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) network.