Perry R. Rice

ProfessorPerry Rice

Office: 306 Kreger Hall

BS Wright State University, 1982
PhD Arkansas, 1988
Joined Miami faculty in 1988
I teach mostly upper-level and graduate courses and I enjoy finding better ways to teach modern physics at all levels.

My research is in Quantum Information and Quantum Statistical Mechanics. Systems of interest are cavity and circuit QED, cold atoms in lattices, and optical analogs of black holes. I am also interested in fundamental issues in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, and I have a small lab for quantum key distribution. In the department, I collaborate with the other members of MQuIS (see below), as well as researchers at the Air Force Research Lab, University of Auckland, University of Maryland/Joint Quantum Institute, and the University of Dayton.

I am a faculty member of the Macklin Quantum Information Sciences (MQuIS)Group at Miami. MQuIS is a node (member) of the internationally renowned Southwestern Quantum Information and Technology (SQuInT) network.

Man does not live by quantum mechanics alone, so I enjoy my time with family and playing and listening to music.