Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Majors in Psychology

  1. Locate, evaluate, and summarize existing research literature.
  2. Identify questions in the research literature on a given topic, and design studies that effectively address these questions.
  3. Compute (by hand and with statistical software) relevant descriptive and inferential statistics.
  4. Identify the assumptions and limitations inherent in the application of relevant descriptive and inferential statistics, and when to apply each.
  5. Identify specific research designs, when to apply them, their strengths and weaknesses, and when to apply each.
  6. Identify the ethical issues associated with the study of human behavior, in general, and with any specific research study, in particular.
  7. Identify key design principles in existing literature, describe the rationale for their selection, and identify potential limitations and biases.
  8. Communicate the results of empirical research to professional audiences in scientific genres.