Kate de Medeiros


Associate Professor

O'Toole Family Professorship


PhD Gerontology: University of Maryland

MS Gerontology: University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

BA English and American Literature: Northwestern University

Kate de Medeiros (Associate Professor, the Robert H. and Nancy J. Blayney Professor Gerontology), received her PhD in gerontology from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2006. Her research interests are concerned with cultural structures affecting the experience of aging and the construction of self such as autobiographical writing, as well as personhood in people with dementia. In 2008, de Medeiros received one of only four Brookdale Leadership in Aging Research. Her research has also been funded by the Alzheimer's Association and the National Institute of Aging. In addition to numerous research articles, she recently published Narrative Gerontology in Research and Practice

Recent Publications:

Swinnen A., de Medeiros K. (2017). "Play" and People Living with Dementia: A Humanities-Based Inquiry of TimeSlips and the Alzheimer's Poetry Project. The Gerontologist. 00(00): 1-9. Advanced access publication available online on January 18, 2017. DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnw196.

de Medeiros K (2016). The Short Guide to Gerontology. Bristol, UK: Policy Press. (241 pages)

de Medeiros K, Rubinstein R. (2016). Depression and the performance of masculinity in a military retirement community. Men and Masculinities. 19(2_: 148-166. DOI: 1097184X15606932.

de Medeiros K, Rubinstein R. (2015). “Shadow stories” in oral interviews: Narrative care through careful listening.  Journal of Aging Studies. Published online on March 14, 2015.  Doi:10.1016/j.jaging.2015.02.009.

Rubinstein R, de Medeiros K. (2015). Successful aging, Gerontological theory, and neoliberalism: A qualitative critique.  The Gerontologist. Published online on August 26, 2014.  DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnu080.

de Medeiros K (2014). Narrative Gerontology in Research and Practice. New York: Spring Publishing. (256 pages)

de Medeiros K, & Doyle P. (2013) Remembering the person in person-centered care.  Generations. 37(3): 83-86.

de Medeiros K, Rubinstein R, Ermoshkina P. The role of relevancy and social suffering in “generativity” among older post-Soviet women immigrants.  The Gerontologist.  Published online on November 1, 2013. DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnt126.

de Medeiros K, Basting A. (2013). “Shall I compare thee to a dose of donepezil?”: An overview of intervention research in dementia care. The Gerontologist. Published online on June 7, 2013.  DOI: 10.1093/geront/gnt055.

Complete list of published work is available in My Bibliography