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Scripps Gerontology Center

Scripps Gerontology Center is the premier source of practical, evidence-based insights and innovative new programs, reports, and policy tools that are helping transform aging services in Ohio and in states and communities around the country.

Our Work


We conduct a wide range of aging-related research in areas that include demography, long-term care, program evaluation, the aging workforce, and arts and dementia programming. Our work provides information to the people who can use it so they can make informed decisions for and with our aging population.


Education is an integral part of our work and mission. We administer and support several graduate programs in gerontology offered through the Department of Sociology and Gerontology. We also put graduate education at the center or our research by including graduate assistantships in our grant proposals. In doing so, we create a learning environment that is centered on the student research experience and empowers them with hands-on opportunities.


Our staff, faculty, and fellows provide professional service and leadership in many volunteer roles at the local, state, and national levels. They do everything from mentoring faculty at other institutions to serving on the editorial boards of publications and holding leadership positions for state and national organizations as well as service to the community. 

Community Connections and Partnerships

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The Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University

Professionals in Aging

Our aim is to do work that makes a positive difference. One way we do that is by generating research that helps professionals do their jobs. Our goal is to supply information that helps people make informed decisions.

Legislators and Policy-Makers

To help inform policy development and the planning of programs and services for older adults, we provide up-to-date information on Ohio’s long-term care services and supports, older workers, caregivers, and the size and growth of Ohio’s older population and those with disabilities. We are here as a source of information for state and national law-makers who make important decisions that affect the aging population.


Ohio demographic data

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The Aging Network

We produce a number of reports related to the aging network nationally and in Ohio. We produce reports and presentations based on nationwide surveys of the Aging Network. These reports and presentations focus on enhancing the role of area agencies on aging and tribal organizations in meeting the needs of elders in their communities. We also produce county-level reports on Ohio’s 60+ population as well as a summary report for each area agency in Ohio. It is our hope that these reports are useful to the aging network as you provide support for older adults.


Ohio Area Agency on Aging summary reports

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Long-Term Care Professionals

You will find a majority of our research is relevant to the field of long-term care. We produce a number of reports on demographics, program evaluation, and long-term care policy. In addition, we recently partnered with Boston University to provide a leadership course. This online course shares lessons learned from high-performing home care agencies and nursing homes. The goal of the course is to assist long-term care organizations in improving the management of their direct care workforce. Explore our publications related to long-term care on our publications page to find information that may help you in your work.


Explore our publications


We often work with members of the media to generate story ideas and provide perspective. With access to data and decades of research experience, our scholars are an informed source for members of the press. And if we can’t answer your questions, we know someone who can. Visit our faculty and staff page to contact a research expert.

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Connect with our mission and help advance our work through giving. Your donation will support our efforts to transform aging services in Ohio and beyond through innovative programs, high-quality research, and education.