Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership major allows students to apply sociological, psychological, and political science theories and methods to real world organizational problems. The major is designed to maximize graduates' ability to flexibly adapt to today's continually shifting job requirements, emerging technologies, and new ways of working and collaborating in a dynamic economy. Students develop skills and knowledge relevant for jobs across a variety of sectors, including for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government. Graduates are also well equipped for a variety of graduate school programs in the social sciences and areas such as business, law, and public policy.

Core Courses

  • MGT 211: Introduction to Management for Non-business Majors
  • PSY 111: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 221: Social Psychology
  • SOC 153: Sociology in a Global Context
  • SOC 262: Research Methods
  • SOC 340: Internship
  • STA 261: Statistics
  • ORG 354: The Social Dynamics of Strategy and Leadership
  • ORG 361: Innovation in Organizations
  • ORG 471: Organizational Leadership Capstone

Students are also required to take an additional 18 credit hours from a variety of electives covering business foundations, leading organizations, and organizations and their environments.

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