Social Justice Studies Major

For more information or to declare a major in Social Justice Studies, please contact Dr. Glenn Muschert at

Core Courses (all are required)

SJS 165: Introduction to Social Justice Studies

SJS 323: Social Justice and Change

SJS 470: Social/Political Activism


Logic, Reasoning, Ressearch Methods (select ONE of the following)

SOC 262: Research Methods

PHL 273: Formal Logic

STA 261: Statistics

SJS 497: Methods of Social Justice Inquiry


Professional Development (select ONE of the following)

EDL 100: Career Development for College Students

SJS 303: Life After Graduation: Careers in Sociology/Social Justice Studies


Electives (select from the following to toal at least 30 hours)

SJS 159: Creating Global Peace

SJS 204: Introduction to Service Learning

SJS 215: EMPOWER I: Educational and Economic Justice

SJS 216: EMPOWER II: Intersections of Race, Class, and Education

SOC 203: Sociology of Gender

SOC 221: Sexualities

SJS 225: Work and Occupational Justice

SJS 265: Critical Inquiry: Penny Lecture Series

SOC 305: Sociology of Globalization

SOC 348: Race and Ethnic Relations

SJS 350: Topics in Justice Studies

SOC 372: Social Stratification

SJS 419: Environment, Society, and Justice

SJS 421: Critical Race and Post-Colonial Studies

SJS 487: Globalization, Social Justice, and Human Rights


Related Hours (10 credit hours)

Pre-approved areas include Black World Studies (BWS), Community-Based Leadership (CBL), Comparative Media Studies (CMS), Diability Studies (DST), Entrepreneurship (ESP), Geography (GEO), International Studies (ITS), Over-the-Rhine Residency Program, Sustainability (IES), Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGS)