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Business and Society

You don't need a business major to succeed in business.  In fact, employers prefer more general skills that are the basis of the discipline and coursework in sociology.  What's more, some of the nation's top MBA programs admit more students with social science backgrounds than business backgrounds, because of the analytical, comprehension and critical thinking skills they provide.


The minor consists of three or four required courses and additional hours to be chosen from a set of electives for a total of at least 18 hours. A grade point average of 2.50 must be maintained for all courses in the minor.

Please declare this minor before or during your junior year. You may pursue only one pre-professional sociology minor. All courses for the minor (excluding field work) must be taken for a grade.

  • SOC 151 Social Relations OR SOC 153 Sociology in a Global Context
  • SOC 201 Social Problems
Choose at least TWO of the following
  • SOC 225 Work & Occupational Justice
  • SOC 417 Economy and Society
  • SOC 454 Formal Organization
Select from the following to total 18 hours
  • SOC 203 Sociology of Gender Roles
  • SOC 257 Population
  • SOC 262 Research Methods
  • SOC 348 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 372 Social Stratification
  • SOC 417 Economy and Society
  • SOC 454 Formal Organization