Dr. Knollman-Porter Receives Two New Grants to Fund her Research and Teaching Development

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Kelly Knollman-Porter, Assistant Professor, recently was the recipient of two grants to fund her research in the area of aphasia and other professional activities.

Dr. Knollman-PorterThe National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) awarded Dr. Knollman-Porter nearly $500,000 to lead a three-year, multi-site study. The study will evaluate whether assistive technology can help individuals with aphasia-related reading problems. Individuals with aphasia exhibit varying degrees of difficulty with reading, from word level to multi-paragraph level, all of which can impact these individuals functionally. Dr. Knollman-Porter hopes that the use of assistive technology can help individuals with aphasia access written information such as Facebook or novels. “I was a speech-language pathologist working in a hospital for 15 years before I came to Miami,” she says. “My goal is to develop and implement clinical research that will positively promote greater functional independence for people following stroke or brain injury.” Miami undergraduate and graduate students will be involved in the implementation of the study.

The American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) also recently awarded Dr. Knollman-Porter a $5,000, 18-month grant to support mentored activities in research and teaching. The purpose of the grant is to help early career researchers start off strongly in their first few years as an assistant professor. With the research portion of this grant, Dr. Knollman-Porter will work with Dr. Jane Straker from the Gerontology Department and two graduate students to examine the perception of nursing home staff regarding their communication with individuals that have either language or cognitive challenges. For the teaching portion of the grant, Dr. Knollman-Porter is partnering with Dr. Donna Scarborough within the SPA Department and Dr. Rose Marie Ward, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, to create classroom activities and test questions that require a multidisciplinary perspective. “We want to emphasize to students that our clients often have multiple medical and communication/swallowing challenges that require the collaboration from a team of different professionals. The goal is for students to view the patient as a whole, not deficit-specific.”

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