Leah Harrigan BS 09, MA 11

Leah Harrigan“Since my Masters graduation from Miami in 2011, I have been thrilled to work at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. I can honestly say that working as UCMC is my clinical dream job. As the level one trauma center for greater Cincinnati, and home to the Neuroscience Institute, our team evaluates and provides treatment for a wide variety of medically acute and complex patients. Evaluating a patient in the Surgical ICU for dysphagia, performing a cognitive evaluation in the emergency room, placing a speaking valve on a tracheotomized patient in the Airway ICU, and performing a modified barium swallow in the radiology suite--all in just one typical day at UCMC as an acute care SLP. During the course of my career I have become FEES certified, MBSImP certified, and most recently in 2015 obtained the Board Certified Specialist in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders. Earning my BCS-S distinction has been a highlight of my career, demonstrating my expertise and active participation within the dysphagia community. Research is an area in which I continue to be active, pursuing research questions and answers with colleagues. Most notably, I have given two oral presentations and two poster presentations at OSLHA on acute dysphagia and dysphagia screening, and two posters at ASHA on non-traditional diagnosis of dysphagia and cardiac-related dysphagia since graduation from Miami. My pet project at UCMC has been the creation of an electronic dysphagia screen, training the nurses to use the screen, and various education opportunities to teach and train ICU nurses about their patient's risk of aspiration and dysphagia.”