Statistics Major

The Department of Statistics offers a Bachelor of Science in statistics. For more information about declaring your major in statistics, please contact the Chief Departmental Advisor, Professor Charles Dunn, 304B Upham Hall, (513) 529-1952, or email him at

Program Requirements:

The program requires at least 29 hours of STA courses at the 300-level or above.

Statistics courses (all of these):
STA301 Applied Statistics
STA401 Probability
STA402 Statistical Programming
STA462 Inferential Statistics
STA463 Regression Analysis
STA466 Experimental Design Methods

Choose at least THREE of the following:
STA333 Nonparametric Statistics
STA363 Introduction to Statistical Modeling
STA365 Statistical Quality Control
STA432 Survey Sampling in Business
STA404 Advanced Data Visualization
STA427 Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
STA467 Statistical Learning
STA475 Data Analysis Practicum
STA483 Analysis of Forecasting Systems
STA484 Analysis of Categorical Data

Note: Students with previous credit for STA261 may not take STA301 and must take additional hours from the electives list to complete the 29 required hours. It is advisable that the replacement course be either STA333 or STA363 and that the course be taken in the student’s first year in the statistics program