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The Numbers Behind a World Cup Bid | Stats + Stories Episode 236

Release Date: 6/23/2022

Guest: Adam Beissel

What does 2022 have in common with 2018 and 2026? What is special about 2023? These years include a month where work productivity will be reduced in many countries around the world. Each year will have a month when attention is split between work email and the most beautiful game. Soccer’s (aka Futbol’s) World Cup once again draws the attention and passion of much of the world. Today’s episode focuses on the economics of global sporting events with guest Adam Beissel.


Big, If True | Stats + Stories Episode 234

Release Date: 6/2/2022

Guests: Andrew Gelman

Most articles that appear in academic journals are kind of mundane in that they’re extending the work of scholars who have come before, or sometimes taking an old theory in a new direction. There are those moment, however when a piece of research holds the possibility of fundamentally remaking a field. How should those articles be handled? What’s the ethical way to review such research? That’s the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Andrew German.


The Aging American Workforce | Stats + Stories Episode 233

Release Date: 5/26/2022

Guests: Takashi‌ ‌Yamashita‌ and Phyllis A. Cummins

In the United States, like many countries, middle-aged and older workers are increasingly a larger proportion of the workforce. The needs of these workers are different than those who are younger and can run the gamut from educational to health needs. That's the focus of this episode of Stats+Stories with guests Takashi‌ ‌Yamashita‌ and Phyllis A. Cummins

van Zwet

The Winner’s Curse | Stats + Stories Episode 232

Release Date: 5/19/2022

Guest: Erik van Zwet

A randomized controlled trial is viewed as the golden standard in medical research, particularly as it relates to treatments or interventions. But there may be pitfalls to trusting that approach too much. That's the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories with guest Erik van Zwet.


The Statistics That Go Into City Planning | Stats + Stories Episode 231

Release Date: 5/12/2022

Guest: Andrew Trueblood

Cities are places where continuity and change co-exist. History shapes neighborhoods and the relationships between them, while economic forces can reshape a city’s landscape and skyline. In Washington D.C., the friction between continuity and change is ever-present. The data and the research that goes into planning such a place is the focus of this episode of Stats and Stories, with guest Andrew Trueblood.