Reflection: ACE Sports Night

by Yuan Liu

I went to the Sports Night in Philips Hall on last Friday October 9 and really enjoyed myself in this activity. The time of Sports Night was 6:30pm to 9:00pm, and I arrived at Philips hall at 6:20pm with my friend Shu Hao Lu. This was the first time that I went to this hall so it’s not easy to find the right way, but fortunately, there were some of signs that can lead us to go to the right way.

The activity was organized in the basement of the Philips Hall and there was a big court, so students can play basketball, volleyball, and so on. There were a number of bottles of water and sandwiches on the desk out of the basketball court so that students could have them to replenish their energy. For example, I ate some sandwiches before the basketball game with my friend then, I entered the basketball court. There were some people practicing some skills like shooting and passing. Then more and more people came there and joined us, including a basketball coach with his family members. In the game, the coach and I were teammates and he is an experienced basketball player. The main reason that I believe he is good at playing basketball was his passing skill is precise and powerful. He always can find the open guys, passing and helping them shoot for scores. For example, I blocked and passed the ball to him, then I ran faster in order to play the transition-attack game. When I found the open area, the ball was passed by him to me at the same time, so I received the ball simply and completed a fabulous transition-attack. Finally, we won this basketball game in Sports Night and jumped up to celebrate. I told him my name and we became friends, to be honest, I've really wanted to have a teammate like him forever, because his passing skills can make me become a great finisher easier.

I really had a good time at Sports Night and this basketball game helped me make a new friend who are good at playing basketball. I hope that there will be more activities that I can join and enjoy myself.