International Student Spotlight

Praise Onoyemeakpo headshotPraise Onoyemeakpo

  • Born in Nigeria, in a richly cultural part of West Africa.
  • Speaks very fluent English, and Urhobo.
  • Competitive athlete of both volleyball and badminton sports.
  • Possess amidst numerous academic awards; a Duke of Edinburgh bronze award from James Hope College, Delta State, Nigeria.
  • Gets inspired by the heritage and achievements of the John Hopkins hospital Maryland and hopes to visit someday.

Tai Goddard headshotTai Goddard

  • I was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.
  • I am going to become a chemical engineering major starting this fall.
  • I have a deep connection to the soca music and parades of Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival.
  • In 2019, I was co-captain of my high school’s dragon boat team which won gold and silver in the PanAmerican Club Crew Championship.
  • I am fascinated by world history and global politics.

Berta De La Rosa Cosculluela headshotBerta De La Rosa Cosculluela

  • My life quote is: “you only live once, so laugh every day and make it as if it was your last”.
  • Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain.
  • I love traveling. I would love to go backpacking all over the world for several months during summer or when I finish college.
  • I am part of KIDS Barcelona, an advisory group of teenagers that work together to improve children’s’ life at hospitals. I went to Madrid and gave a speech about what we do and what we are working on.
  • One of my top hobbies is skiing. I go at least twice a year with my friends and would love to be part of an elite group.

Francisco Torres headshotFrancisco Torres

  • Born in the highest capital of the world (La Paz, 3640 meters above sea level)
  • Built a soapbox car at age 11 and crashed it (accidentally) before the race
  • Created a charity campaign for getting clothes for children of a hospital in La Paz
  • Huge fan of rollercoasters
  • Best way to share with friends: playing paintball with them
  • Even though he intends to major in Mechanical Engineering, he is a huge nerd of history

Karim Sammoury headshotKarim Sammoury

  • Was born in Saudi Arabia to a Lebanese father and a Filipino mother, both of whom use English to bridge the language barrier.
  • Is passionate about coding and almost anything technology-related.
  • Founded Kazu Collection, an online e-commerce business where he sells trending products, at the age of sixteen.
  • Learned the German language as a fourteen-year-old to the point of fluency after being challenged by a friend. He now speaks four languages: Arabic, English, Filipino, and German.
  • Constantly strives to be the best version of himself. He works out daily and likes to read non-fiction books in his spare time.

Henry's headshot.Henry Moon

  • I am ambidextrous
  • I have been studying in the US for five years
  • I have been playing soccer for 15 years and it's the only sport I play
  • I have visited around 20 countries

Mathias headshot Mathias

  • Despite poor background of being a former street kid and son to a corn dough seller in the rural Ashanti Region of Ghana.
  • An alumnus of the Opoku Ware Senior High School and will be majoring in Biology with Pre-Med track at Miami University.
  • Received the Mathematics, Science Technology Scholarship Scheme (MASTESS) for emerging the overall best student in his District (Atwima Kwanwoma) through High School Entrance examination conducted by the Ghana Education Service (GES).
  • Currently runs Mentorship Program for high school students to propel them dedicate much time and effort to their studies and take leadership roles whiles in school.
  • Received three continues awards from the District Chief Executive (DCE) of Atwima Kwanwoma District Assembly for the community Impacts Projects.

Kennedy Gray's headshotKennedy Gray

  • I am Canadian. I was born in Chatham, Ontario. Currently, residing in St. Albert, Alberta.
  • I am the oldest of 4 siblings!
  • Majoring in Biochemistry. Plan on becoming an orthodontist.
  • I’ve been playing soccer since I was nine years old. I have been part of the Alberta North Regional Excel Program/ FC Whitecaps (soccer) for three years and have been invited to a couple national camps (U17/U20).
  • Learned the waltz at my high school to perform at my graduation

Regis' headshotRegis

  • I love making friends
  • I’ve had a study buddy since my first day of class
  • I love to mountain bike and swim
  • I love eating out with friends and watching Netflix
  • I have a terrible handwriting
  • I like hugging people for it magically relieves my stresses
  • I love puppies
  • I don’t love cheese that much

Jian's headshotJian

  • Was born and raised in Penang, the Food Paradise of Asia
  • Loves IKEA and the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  • Has a set of metal straws, including one for boba tea, to reduce plastic straw waste
  • Keeps a collection of reusable grocery bags from CottonOn (they are cute, and you never know when one will come in handy)
  • Majoring in Computer Science because she hopes to apply the knowledge in creating a safer and more sustainable world

Giang Phuong Linh's headshotGiang Phuong Linh

  • Traveling the world is on top of my bucket list.
  • I ate roasted grasshopper.
  • I thought I would be a secret agent when I was 7, an astronaut when I was 13, a magazine editor when I was 15, a film director when I was 16, but here I am majoring in Psychology with an intention to double in Finance.
  • I can read and write Braille since I once volunteered teaching English to blind students.
  • Sherlock Holmes sparked my interest in criminal psychology.
  • My guilty pleasure: boy bands.
  • "Love yourself. Speak yourself" is a motto that inspires me.