Welcome to Miami's Pre-Law Program website. This program is dedicated to helping students decide whether law is a good career fit, and assist them in the law school admission process.

What Does This Program Involve?

This is a comprehensive program designed to supplement pre-law students' learning and practical experience, regardless of their major. Some of the services provided by the program include:

  • Counseling and programming on the different aspects of legal practice
  • Advice on navigating the law school admissions process
  • Career counseling to determine whether law is the best career choice
  • Creation and exploration of leadership programs, legal internship opportunities, and mentorship opportunities
  • A dedicated and comprehensive web portal to keep students, faculty, and alumni apprised of deadlines, programs, and opportunities

We Need Your Help!

We are hoping to gather as much information from our alumni as possible. Our students can benefit from your experiences. If you are interested in helping us, please visit our Support the Pre-Law Program page or contact Maria P. Vitullo, Esq. (