Memorial Day

May 25

"Italy: Visions and Contrasts"

May 26; 2:30 pm

Food is an important part of Italian culture, and students in this program analyze the representation of food in Italian cinema while practicing the art of travel and culinary writing in Florence …

"PreMed Live Chat: Career & Academics"

May 26; 3 - 4 pm

Drop in to the virtual PreMed Live Chat to ask any questions related to your career and academic journey. Hannah Pigg, Career Advisor, and Tailyn Walborn, Pre-Health Professions Advisor, will be there to help …

"Body Image and Your 'Summer Body': Love the Skin You're In!" (workshop)

May 27; 2 - 2:30 pm

Summer is around the corner. With the fun in the sun can also come some pressure related to having the 'perfect' summer body. This workshop will address factors that drive the summer body ideal, define positive body image, and equip you with tools to accept and love the skin you're in …

GLG/GEO/IES Live Career Chat

May 27; 3 - 4 pm

Drop in to the virtual GLG/GEO/IES Live Career Chat to ask any questions related to your career journey. Hannah Pigg, Career Advisor for the Department of Geology & Environmental Earth Science (GLG), the Department of Geography (GEO), and the Institute for the Environment & Sustainability (IES), will be there to help …

"Mindful Art" (workshop)

June 10; 2 - 2:30 pm

Mindfulness is mentally focusing on one's awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting own feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. These exercises can decrease anxiety symptoms and increase overall well-being. To fully participate in this 20-minute mindful art workshop, you will need paper and some form of writing utensil such as colored pencils, pens, or paint …

Independence Day

July 3

Summer Classes End

August 8