Our innovative curriculum enables you to integrate your varied interests through a major in Individualized Studies or a minor in Individualized Studies.

The Major in Individualized Studies offers you the opportunity to individualize your course of study by integrating your interests within an interdisciplinary framework. Our introductory courses engage you in integrative, individualized learning. An inquiry-based set of courses emphasizes understanding diverse theories and methodologies that enable you to explore and develop your own projects. The Individualized Studies major is suited for students interested in careers in diverse fields including, but not limited to:

  • education
  • environmental consulting
  • psychology
  • politics
  • business
  • creative arts
  • media industries

The Minor in Individualized Studies is available to students in all majors and is designed to broaden their educational experience and widen professional opportunities. The pair of required WST courses teach students to integrate knowledge from a range of disciplines and perspectives. These serve as an introduction to student exploration of individually-created themes that have captured their interests through courses offered by other programs and majors. Plan of study for each student must be approved by Western Program advisor.