enlarged photo of students on service learning tripTo major in Individualized Studies, a student must complete at least 43 semester hours distributed as follows:

  1. Core Courses (13 hours)
  2. Individualized Courses (at least 24 hours)
  3. Senior Project Courses (6 hours)

Core Courses

Introductory Courses

Take all of these:

  • WST 231 - Interdisciplinary Inquiry (3 hours)
  • WST 251 - Individualized Studies Seminar (1 hour)

Inquiry-based Courses

Take all of these:

  • WST 301 - Interdisciplinary Problems and Questions (3 hours)
  • WST 322 - Developing Interdisciplinary Projects: Art and Politics of Representation (3 hours)
  • WST 341 - Interdisciplinary Synthesis and Action (3 hours)

Individualized Courses

The individualized portion of the major, which you design in consultation with faculty and staff advisors, enables you to create your unique academic focus.

Select and complete at least 24 credits of coursework at the 200-level or above from around the university to build content knowledge in your specific area(s) of focus. Your plan may include one or more semesters of study abroad, or internships if appropriate.

Senior Project

The Senior Project, a Western capstone, showcases what you've accomplished through your major in Individualized Studies.

Take all of these:

  • WST 421 - Proposal Workshop (3 hours)
  • WST 444 - Senior Project Capstone (3 hours)