Majors and Minors

The College offers 60 majors, 51 minors, and 9 co-majors. The College of Arts & Science provides the core of Miami's liberal arts curriculum and offers diverse majors across the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, as well as programs that cross disciplinary boundaries. To demonstrate the scope and inter-related nature of these different fields of study, we have organized them into themed groups below. Many majors and minors fit more than one theme and can lead to multiple career opportunities.

Biological and Life Sciences

Students who choose these majors are usually interested in careers in medicine and health, environmental science and sustainability, biological research andanalysis, and science education.

Global and Cultural Studies

Miami's interdisciplinary programs will provide you with opportunities for cultural experiences and immersion within and beyond our borders as well as opportunities to gain the cultural understanding and analytic skills necessary to succeed in a modern,
global environment.

History, Philosophy, and Religion

These majors are within the humanities and involve the study of human ideas and reasoning that underlie different world views. Using original texts and critical readings, you will access, interpret, and evaluate diverse world views and explore what it means to be human.

Law and Public Policy

Miami offers the courses you need to prepare for law or graduate school and for careers in such professions as governance at the local and national levels, diplomacy and global politics, public administration and public service, and working to bring about social and political change.

Literature and Writing

Employers indicate that good writing is the most sought-after competence for college graduates. At Miami, you can study literature and writing in the departments of English, classics and the world languages, and go on to enjoy a career in business, education, editing and publishing, law, government service, or nonprofits.

Mathematics and Physical Science

These majors will help you understand such complex problems as climate change or the development and distribution of energy resources. Our graduates are employed by state and federal agencies, environmental energy and natural resource industries, research and educational institutions, and environmental law firms.

Media Studies and Communication

At Miami, you will be encouraged to explore new ways to write, research, and interact through digital texts and media, and to work with evolving technologies that will put you at the forefront of multimedia development, digital game studies, online journalism, and digital communication.

Medicine and Health

Although you can select any major and still meet the requirements for any health professional program, most students major in one of the biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, or psychology. If your interests change while you are attending Miami, you can work with academic advisors and career specialists to meet your career goals.

Psychology and Human Behavior

You will explore individual, group, cultural, and societal influences on human thinking and behavior, and use different approaches and methods to study such topics as child development, abnormal behavior, prejudice, intercultural conflict, inequality, and social institutions.

World Languages

You can master one or more of the 14 languages offered by Miami, ranging from Arabic and Chinese to Italian and Russian, and gain cultural understanding through courses in film, history, literature, religion, politics, and the arts.

University Studies

Whether you are still looking for your passion or hoping to combine your many interests, you can pursue a number of paths while still satisfying graduation requirements. Along the way, you will discover what is right for you.

What Can I Do with a Major in ... ?

Learn more about the many and varied opportunities associated with each major on the Career Options section of the CAS Advising website.