Visiting Maxfield Scholars

Faculty and students with projects being reviewed in atrium

2018 - Andrés Mignucci, Andrés Mignucci, Arquitectos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2017 - Philip Horton, Assistant Director, Head of Architecture, The Design School, Arizona State University

2016 - Robert Church, Principal, StudioC Architecture+Planning+Design, West Lafayette, IN

2015 - Renata Hejduk, PhD, Herberger Institute, Arizona State University

2014 - Angela Watson, Principal, Shepley Bulfinch

2013 - Jan Wampler, Professor of Architecture Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2012 - Marilys Nepomechie, Architect and Associate Professor, Florida International University

2011 - Andrés Mignucci, Andrés Mignucci, Arquitectos, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2010 - Renee Chow, Principal, Studio Urbis and Department of Architecture, University of Berkeley

2009 - Paul Lukez, Paul Lukez Architecture, Washington University

2008 - Sheila Kennedy, Harvard University & Kennedy and Violich Architecture, Ltd.

2007 - Aaron Betsky, Director, Netherlands Architecture Institute and Director, Cincinnati Art Museum

2006 - Kevin Alter, Alter Studio, Director, Architecture Program at the University of Texas at Austin

2005 - Paul Lewis, Dir. of Graduate Studies, Princeton University, Partner LTL, Lewis, Tsurumaki, Lewis, New York, NY

2004 - Doug Garofalo, Architect and Former Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago