Architecture + Interior Design Goals

Continue preparation for NAAB and CIDA accreditation, and for Miami HLC accreditation

•Submit NAAB annual report (November)
•Complete HLC online template (fall)
•Complete all faculty/staff formatted resumes + updated research summaries •Complete Grad School assessment (fall)
•Complete 20/20 assessment
•Begin to archive student work; select accreditation coordinator(s)
•Pending concurrence with SCA, revise Strategic Plan
•Verify completion of survey instruments required for self-studies

Continue to strengthen faculty

•Conduct faculty searches, as approved
•Address continuing part-time faculty contracts
•Revise P&T Guidelines to address faculty concerns

Support alumni relations and donor opportunities

•Continue to target annual or bi-annual alumni events
•In conjunction with Dean and Development Officer, develop a strategic plan for identifying donors and targeting donor requests

Implement “School” name change

•Target name change in dialogue with all SCA units

Continue to adjust/improve curriculum

Submit current draft proposals for final review and approval
•Support an ongoing dialogue to review and propose needed curriculum revisions

Strengthen academic and career advising

•Continue work with Career Services to improve annual Career Fair
•Continue to improve CareerLink online resource and interface with alumni database •Strengthen first/second year advising in conjunction with university initiatives

Summer/winter/semester off-campus programming

•Communicate and implement new workshop budget model
•Explore succession plans as faculty directors near retirement (OTR, Ghana) •Explore Winter Term opportunities
•Implement Lux full-semester program
•Continue to explore how to sustainably package off-campus opportunities

Improve recruitment

•Better attract SCA No-Major candidates through first year curriculum •Continue to attend key recruitment fairs
•Target high school recruitment visits
•Implement online portfolio submission

Implement RCM Budget

Target high enrollment courses, low-enrollment inefficiencies, fee-paying grad students, summer/winter term opportunities, etc.

Improve program marketing/visibility

•Monitor and improve new website
•Complete brochure and supporting print materials (+ grad brochure) •Continue to develop an annual or bi-annual eNewsletter
•Continue to target national/international student competitions
•Work to create a more strategic regional/national marketing plan for the department, including advertisement, publications, etc.

Complete facilities improvements

•Continue to pursue basement access
•Install new laser-cutter and 3D printer (summer)
•Install automated window blinds in ALU200 and 201 (summer) •Install informational plasma screen