Information for Current Students

 A woman draws a line along a portion of a building model that she is working on
 A woman wearing a Miami shirt and headphones is seated at a worktable. She holds a pen and works on a drawing
 A woman is seen from overhead as she uses colored pencils to work on a drawing
 Professor and 2 students converse at a rectangular table in the studio, as seen through a lattice
 Seen from a distance, a student works at a drafting desk in a studio, surrounded by drawing supplies and a laptop comptuer
A group of students seated at rectangular studio tables work on projects using art supplies and computers. The tables are covered with assorted supplies such as drawing and cutting implements
Seen from overhead, several students seated at a rectangular table collaborate on a project

Student Organizations

AIAS The American Institute of Architecture Students
IIDA International Interior Design Association
APX Alpha Rho Chi
SAC Student Advisory Council

Professional Organizations

AIA American Institute of Architects

IIDA International Interior Design Association

ASID American Society of Interior Designers

Career Development Resources

What can I do with a Career in Architecture + Interior Design?
Miami Center for Career Exploration Services
Arch Careers
NCARB Site and Handbook
Emerging Professional Companion
American Institute of Architects
American Institute of Architecture Students
Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

Job Search Tools

Architecture and Interior Design Firms by City

AIA Find an Architect
AIA Ohio Membership Directory
Design Intelligence Architecture Firms
Architects USA
Miami CAREERLink
Miami Center for Career Exploration Services: Architecture and Design

Miami Architecture and Interior Design Alumni

LinkedIn: Do an advanced search selecting "city, architecture+design, and Miami University" or go to "Connections/Find Alumni." Connect with faculty and with alumni in cities or firms of interest to broaden your network.