M Arch II Curriculum

First Year (33 credits)


500-Level Departmental Graduate Seminar 
(see advisor to determine eligible course options) 
(3 cr.)

ARC 513
Environmental Control Systems I 3 (3 cr.)

ARC 601
Design Studio1 (6 cr.)

ARC 634 
Architectural Theory and Research (3 cr.)


ARC 511
Structural Design3 (3 cr.)

ARC 514
Environmental Control Systems II 3 (3 cr.)

ARC 602
Design Studio12 (6 cr.)

ARC 636
Design and Research Methods (3 cr.)

Summer session 1-3

ARC 700
Directed Thesis Research (3 cr.)

Second [Thesis] Year (27 cr.)


500-Level Departmental Graduate Seminar (see advisor to determine eligible course options)
(3 cr.)

ARC 512
Structural Design3 (3 cr.)

ARC 541
Professional Practice3 (3 cr.)

ARC 701
Pre-Thesis Design studio (6 cr.)


ARC 551
Contemporary Architecture Theory and Practice

ARC 702
Thesis Design Studio (6 cr.)

Graduate-Level Elective (3 cr.)

Two-Year Professional Program in Architecture
(M. Arch. II)

(60 credit-hour track for students with a pre-professional design degree. Additional credit hours required if all pre-requisites have not been met.)

The two-year professional program is designed for students with a pre-professional degree that is equivalent to a Bachelor of Art in Architecture. Normally, a Bachelor of Art or a Bachelor of Science in Architecture is considered an equivalent pre-professional degree. Other undergraduate degree programs, in which the students have completed four years of architectural design studio and requisite course work in architectural history and architectural technology, may also satisfy partial requirements for admission to the M. Arch. II program.

Students admitted to the two-year program must complete 60 graduate credit hours, normally completed in two academic years. Additional credit hours are required if all pre-requisites have not been met (see footnote1 below).

All students in the M. Arch. II program are expected to produce a written thesis document and a design thesis project. Timely completion of the program largely depends on the effort devoted to thesis research and site investigation during the summer prior to the thesis year.

Please refer to The Miami Bulletin, for the Department's statement regarding the length of this program. Students who have previously completed course work that is the equivalent to required courses in the M. Arch. II sequence may be given credit for that work toward completion of the Master of Architecture degree from Miami. While students may petition to have these course requirements waived, the total credit hours required for graduation will not be reduced. Miami credit and waivers are approved only by the Department’s graduate faculty in consultation with the Director of Architecture Graduate Studies.

The following proposal outlines the typical sequence of required courses and electives for the two-year program.

1 ARC 517 Architectural Materials, ARC 518 Construction Methods, ARC 621-22 History and Philosophy of Environmental Design, and ARC 612-614 Graphic Media (or their equivalent) are the normal prerequisites for ARC 601-602. A pre-semester review will be held to determine if these prerequisites are met.

2 ARC 513 Environmental Systems (or the equivalent) is a prerequisite for ARC 602.

3 ARC 511, ARC 512, ARC 513, ARC 514, ARC 541 and ARC 551 can be waived and elective coursework substituted if the student demonstrates that course requirements have been met in their previous curriculum.