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Welcome to the College of the Creative Arts (CCA), Miami University's home for #ThrivingArtists pursuing the study, creation, innovation, and dissemination of visual arts and design in all its forms.

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Miami University College of Creative Arts

Our Mission

The CCA cultivates and sustains a community of creative minds, where a liberal education and the arts intersect to educate and inspire all who walk through our doors. Comprised of 158 faculty teaching more than 1,400 undergraduate and graduate students, the CCA offers degrees in Architecture + Interior Design, Art, Emerging Technology in Business + Design, Music, and Theatre, as well as programming through the Richard and Carole Cocks Art Museum and Performing Arts Series. Together, the college and these institutions serve as a cultural hub — not only for Miami but for the entire southwest Ohio region.

It is our mission to prepare students for global engagement as practitioners, educators, creators, advocates, and patrons of the arts. We foster the development of professional skills and intellectual growth necessary for the pursuit of creative and scholarly inquiry by extending artistic traditions while embracing a culture of innovation and change.

Through the transformative power of the arts, our departments and programs serve as a window to an ever-changing and diverse world, providing the knowledge and resources for our constituents to engage in their professions and in society as both artists and citizens.

Beginning in 2021, we are evolving this mission through our A.S.C.E.N.D. Plan (Artists, Scholars, and Creatives Explore New Directions) to further advance our commitment to a diverse student body and a world-class curriculum.

Our Accreditations

The CCA seeks accreditation from a variety of external organizations, assuring students and prospective employers that our degree programs meet the highest professional standards. The accreditation process typically involves an extensive self-study, followed by an on-site visit by nationally known professionals, and then a decision by the accrediting body as to whether accreditation should be granted.

College of Creative Arts

The arts at Miami University didn't evolve on a whim—they were challenged, inspired, modernized, and made more relevant by each new generation of artists. Welcome to the College of Creative Arts, with degree programs that range from the classical to the contemporary.