london exhibit in cage gallery

Cage Gallery

The Cage Gallery, located in the lower level of Alumni Hall, provides ongoing exhibits of professional as well as student work within Architecture + Interior Design.

Spring 2017 Exhibition Schedule

Hwy 15: when a stranger visits

Text 'HWY 15' bookended by images of a silhouetted hillside at sunset and a watery swamp dotted with vegetation

January 23 - February 2, 2017

Diane Fellows

Text, images, video.

A story told within two disparate landscapes along two routes named "Highway 15".

The Residency Program: OTR

A variety of objects, including including a ukulele, a lit candle, and greenery are arranged on a cloth on the floor. The legs of individuals seated in chairs are visible in the background.

February 20 - March 4, 2017

Tom Dutton

The Residency Program integrates Miami coursework with community engagement and active citizenship, offering a substantial way for students to build relationships and trust with the Over-the-Rhine (Cincinnati) community. The program thereby resists the notion that communities are mere laboratories for learning on the part of students and teachers. Students don’t just study a neighborhood: they actually become part of it. As a result, students are transformed in powerful and long-lasting ways.

Utopia Remains

A green road sign reads 'Utopia'. At bottom of image, text 'Time Store Cooperative Movement. Utopia 1847-1851'

March 6 - 24, 2017

Katherine Cunningham

For the first half of the nineteenth century, Ohio was a hotbed of utopian activity, both secular and religious. Ohio was the frontier, and there were some very serious reactions to industrialization, persecution, and general awakenings (great and otherwise) at play. This exhibition of photographs represent a search for the residue of these communal experiments.

While intentional communities still exist, “utopia” is more of a thought exercise than a reality, a way to expose what lacks, and a way to play with what is possible. That many of these utopian communities failed is informative, that they existed at all is substantial. Utopian thought can go wrong, we know, but it does not mean that very human impulse towards creating something a bit better, be ignored. Roll, then, on.

Welcome to LoHi

LoHi low energy building

March 29 - April 8, 2016

Mary Ben Bonham

Welcome to LoHi, a place where Low Energy and High Performance intersect to create sustainable living communities. This exhibit showcases Miami University student designs for energy-positive, regenerative buildings that boldly aim to lower carbon emissions by creating more renewable energy annually than they consume. Projects are from the graduate architecture ARC602 Comprehensive Studio and Miami's Race to Zero interdisciplinary design team of students studying architecture + interior design, experience design, mechanical engineering, management + leadership, urban design and sustainability.