Art and Architecture History Minor

A group of students seated in a gallery as a professor speaks before a group of paintings
A group of students listen as a professor speaks in front of a silver geometric sculpture

At Miami, Art History minors can

  • choose from an array of global courses to complement your major.
  • strengthen your résumé with cultural diversity.
  • add visual literacy to your critical thinking skills.
  • work closely with internationally known professors at the cutting edge of their fields of research.
  • intern in a gallery or museum and take the classroom into the art world.
  • enjoy personal interaction with art at the Miami University Art Museum, Hiestand Galleries, and the McGuey Museum.
  • polish your writing skills by publishing in Effusions Art Journal.


A minor in art and architecture history provides an understanding of art and visual culture in both historical context and the contemporary world. A complement to any major, it enhances versatility in an economy powered by visual images.


For admission to the minor, contact Dr. Andrew Casper,

No prior coursework required.

Program Requirements

18 credit hrs. total

Six hours from these:

ARC 107 Global Design (3)
ARC 221, 222 History of Architecture 1, 2 (3, 3)
ART 187 History of Western Art: Prehistoric - Gothic (3)*
ART 188 History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern (3)*
ART 162 Africa, Oceania, Native Am.
ART 286 History of Asian Art: China, Korea, Japan

Nine additional semester hours in upper division art or architecture history courses (200, 300, or 400 level):

ARC 221, 222 History of Environmental Design (3, 3)*
ARC 321 History of Interiors (3)*
ARC 405 Seminar in Architecture History, topics vary (3)
ARC 422/522 History of Urbanization (3)
ARC 426/526 Architecture and Society (3)
ARC 427/527 The American City Since 1940 (3)
ARC 451/452 Modern Architecture (3)
ARC 452/552 Recent Architecture Theory (3)
ART 276 Arts of the African Diaspora (3)*
ART 309 The Arts of African Peoples (3)
ART 311 Chinese Painting (3)
ART 312 Japanese Painting and Prints (3)
ART 314 The Renaissance in Italy (3)
ART 315 High Renaissance and Mannerism (3)
ART 316 Baroque Art in Europe (3)
ART 317 The Arts of Colonial Latin America (3)
ART 326 Modern and Contemporary Art in East Asia (3)
ART 335 Arts of West Africa

ART 381 Greek and Roman Architecture (3)
ART 382 Greek and Roman Sculpture (3)
ART 383 Greek and Roman Painting (3)
ART 384 Greek and Roman Decorative Arts
ART 386 Art of the Weimar Republic (3)
ART 389 History of Photography (3)
ART 406 Art Since 1980
ART 420 Special Lecture Topics in Art History
ART 486 Art of the Late 19th Century
ART 487 Art of the Early 20th Century
ART 488 Art in the Age of Revolution: 1789-1848
ART 489 Postwar to Postmodernism: 1945-1980
CLS 210A Classics through a Lens (3)
CLS 210C Roman Cities (3)
CLS 233 Discoveries in Archaeology (3)
CLS 244 Introduction to Egyptian Art and Archaeology (3)
CLS 332 Classical Mythology and the Arts (3)

One seminar:

ART 480 Art History Seminar, topics vary (3)
ART 498 Capstone: Senior Seminar in Art and Architecture History (3)

* Global Miami Plan Foundation course

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Questions about the Art and Architecture History minor?

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