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Miami Plan Offerings

Foundations Courses | Thematic Sequences | Capstones

Want to explore theatre arts and earn Miami Plan credit at the same time? Take MPF courses that are open to non-majors, choose one of our amazing thematic sequences, or enroll in a capstone that is sure to unleash your creativity!

Foundations Courses (MPF)

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (3 cr)

Examination of drama and theatre production as modes of human expression focusing on script analysis and relating style to historical and contemporary production values.

THE 123 Acting for the Non-Major (3 cr)

Introduction to the art of acting for the non-theatre major. Focuses on developing basic acting skills through improvisation, research, collaboration, script interpretation, group exercises and possible scene work; includes study of dramatic analysis, contextual work, and acting theory. Credit cannot be applied to the major degree in theatre.

THE 191 Experiencing Theatre (3 cr)

Introduction to all aspects of the theatre art, in a hybrid format meeting once a week in a large group. This course will help students appreciate the theatre as future audience members by engaging them in a hands-on look at how theatre is made. Students will both watch live theatre and develop theatrical concepts in small groups. Credit cannot be applied to the theatre major or minor.

Thematic Sequences (MPT)

The Department of Theatre currently offers two thematic sequences for those who want to enhance their studies with coursework in theatre arts.

Modern Theatre and Drama (T01)

This sequence offers a systematic study of the influences, backgrounds, playwrights, and theatre artists that have brought about contemporary theatre production practice, style, and dramaturgy. The eclecticism of 20th Century theatre reflects the shifting realities of science, culture, politics, and aesthetics in a way that mirrors our attempts to understand ourselves and our world. The objective is to reach an integrative knowledge of the connectedness of art and society to understand how in creating an image of our lives, in forging new realities, in exploring new forms and styles, theatre artists have helped define our response to the world and our experience.

Sequence Requirements:

One foundation course

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (MPF)(3)

or THE 191 Experiencing Theatre (MPF)(3)

plus TWO of the following

THE 393 Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre and Performance (3)

THE 394 Topics in Dramatic Literature and Cultural Performance (3)

THE 395 The Musical in American Culture (3)

If you would like to register for this thematic sequence please contact Lewis Magruder.

London Theatre (T02)

London Theatre is an exploration of the rich tradition and contemporary diversity of theatre in London and the historical, cultural, and critical context from which they spring. Students will travel to London, home to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, The Royal National Theatre, and the West End, for a four-week immersion, attending performances, thinking critically about them, and learning about styles of dramatic expression particular to Britain's theatrical present and past. In addition, students will tour important cultural and historical sights both in and beyond London. Possibilities beyond London include Oxford, Cambridge, and Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. Travel happens during the Winter Term. Read more about the London Theatre program »

Sequence Requirements:

One foundations course, taken in any semester prior to travel to London

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre: Drama and Analysis (MPF) (3)

or THE 191 Experiencing Theatre (MPF)(3)


THE 494/594 London Theatre (taken in London during Winter Term)

Plus ONE of the following (taken in London during Winter Term)

THE 393 Topics in Intercultural Perspectives and Global Theatre and Performance (3)

THE 439/539 Special Techniques for the Actor

THE 450/550 Special Topics in Theatre Design and Technology

The London Theatre program may either meet the Miami Plan Thematic Sequence requirement OR it can be used to meet Foundations IIA: Fine Arts and Category IIIA: Study Abroad. It cannot satisfy BOTH requirements.

For information on the London Theatre program or to register for it as a thematic sequence contact Lewis Magruder.

Capstone (MPC)

THE 481: Integrating Performance, Theory and Practice (3) (MPC)

In this capstone, students build an original creative performance from source material based on a particular topic, theme or method. Students will create an artistic product and explore ways to design, produce, write and perform as a collaborative team. Students will then assess their work within the larger contexts of art-making, community engagement or performance. Creative products resulting from this class may include

  • an exhibit or installation,
  • fashion show,
  • evening of scenes,
  • collaboratively devised performance,
  • autobiographical solo performance,
  • site specific performance,
  • documentary performance,
  • production dramaturgy or other formats.

Students will learn to think like an artist and to think across disciplines. They will conduct research to better understand contexts, to understand how to apply a method, and to understand how research provides creative inspiration.

The capstone is typically offered in the spring semester and is open to any major.