Actors and puppets receive direction during a rehearsal of Avenue Q
A hand reaches from beneath the couch cushions as two women look on in a scene from Communicating Doors
A harried-looking woman looks to her left in a scene from a production
A man and woman sit in a simulated front car seat as 3 puppets and puppeteers are arrayed behind them in a  scene from Long Christmas Ride Home
An angel hovers over a person in bed in Angels in America
A excited woman leans over a canister vacuum cleaner behind another woman, who is seated on a couch, in a scene from Bliss, or Emily Post is Dead

Wherever your passion lies, we invite you to join the company of theatre artists at Miami University. We're ranked third among top universities for our commitment to teaching by US News and World Report, and you'll find that studying theatre at one of the best liberal arts universities in the nation will prepare you to realize your dreams.

The admission process varies depending on whether you are applying to the undergraduate BA program (as a first-year student, transfer student, relocation from a Regional Campus, or change of major to theatre), or the graduate MA program.