Online Courses

The AIMS charge is to empower people to leverage emerging technology to innovate and disrupt the status quo. AIMS believes the traditional classroom is ripe for this kind of innovation. In an effort to “live out” this mission statement and be an agent of change within Miami University, we believe it is vital that we actively engage and experiment with online learning. We work to make online learning a core competency of all AIMS faculty members.

At many other academic institutions, online learning is coordinated outside of the traditional curricular coordination. This yields programs that vary in quality. Instead, at Miami, online education is crafted within the existing academic structures. This means that AIMS online courses are often crafted not just by AIMS faculty, but AIMS faculty working with instructional designers and media specialists. Thus, our online offerings maintain the high level of academic rigor of our traditional courses. This also allows AIMS to offer online courses when they make sense for the learning objectives versus what is expedient.

Many of the AIMS graduate course offerings are available online. Many undergraduate courses are offered online, especially during the Summer Term and Miami’s unique Winter Term, an accelerated semester where students can complete a course in just three weeks.