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At Miami University, we believe the arts have the power to transform the world around us and contribute to contemporary problem solving on a global scale. US Arts and Culture is a $740 billion industry making it the third highest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product. In order to thrive in the creative economy and the gig economy, today’s artist must take control of their futures by combining artistic practice, business savvy, and the entrepreneurial mindset and process. The Arts Management & Entrepreneurship Program at Miami University prepares future artists and arts leaders by providing the necessary skills for connecting artistry, arts management, and arts entrepreneurship across disciplines.

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Student Spotlight

Joshua Aaron Senger

Josh Senger sitting on a bench

Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio
Academic Level: Junior 
Expected Graduation Date: May 2023 
Major: Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship and Music Performance 

"As an emerging practitioner, development in the arts means getting able to join a field concerned with creating art and affecting people's lives, working hard every day to see that people can create and share in order to cultivate a better world. You’re the do-it-all middleman who stands in between incredible artists and the people who want to support them. Equipped with knowledge of the art form’s craft and the skills to communicate its importance to a broad audience. Creating new emotional and financial investments in a more creative world."

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Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship News

New and in the News

Cultural Equity in the Arts

A new course in the Arts Management & Arts Entrepreneurship program, CCA190C Cultural Equity in the Arts, will be launched in Fall 2022 to engage students in exploring some key issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the arts and cultural sector. The course is designed and taught by Dr. Youngaah Koh, an Assistant Professor in the program.

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