Wire Weaving in Jewelry Design: Introduction

3 gemstone wire-wrapped pendants
Wire-wrapped rings and earrings
Three cab pendants created by Kaska Firor

Date: April 21-22, 2018 (Spring Semester)
Medium: Jewelry
Instructor: Kaska Firor (email)
Skill Level: Beginner in wire-weaving

This beginner’s workshop introduces the art of wire-weaving. While creating three progressively more difficult projects students will learn the fundamentals of weaving techniques. Instructor will provide step-by- step instructions for each project, and will also encourage students to customized their designs according to their own artistic vision. Discussions and demonstrations will include design process, several construction methods, and weave-pattern variations. The course will include an overview of tools and supplies, as well as types of wires, their properties, and uses.

Students will need to be able to see and work on small details.

Tuition does not cover the cost of supplies and materials. Many of the workshops require you to bring specific materials or tools with you.

Supply List

Supplies are subject to change. A final list will be emailed to each participant before the first day of class.

Required Materials

Each student should purchase and bring the following items:

  • Flush wire cutters (example: Xuron LX Micro-Sheer Flush Cutter at www.microtools.com)
  • Chain nose pliers, smooth jaw (example: Value series chain nose plier or Tronex chain nose-short smooth jaw, long handle at www.microtools.com)
  • Flat nose pliers (smooth jaw) (example: Super slim purple flat nose pliers or Tronex flat nose-short tapered smooth jaw, long handle at www.microtools.com)
  • Painter’s blue masking tape (any hardware store)
  • Ruler – 12 inches or
  • Permanent marker -medium tip
  • Task light
  • Magnification of your choice (visor, magnifying lamp, reading glasses) – highly recommended
  • Work mat (any soft surface such as a beading mat will work)- recommended
  • Notebook and pencil or other note-taking tools

The company Micro Tools gives Kaska's students a 5% discount on all tools. Visit www.designsbykaska.com and click on STUDENTS page tab. The link to Micro-Tools is there. These or similar tools can be found at other suppliers as well: www.riogrande.com, www.jewelrytools.com, www.contenti.com.

Students will need to purchase the following items from the instructor ($75-100)

  • Practice materials
  • Use of torches, consumables
  • 3 project kits including illustrated step-by- step instructions, wire, stones, beads and findings (where indicated)

Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $75-100*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

About the Instructor

Kaska Firor has been working with wire for the past 16 years. She is a recipient of many awards for her intricately woven jewelry. Kaska’s work has been published in several books and trade magazines such as Art Jewelry, Step-By- Step Wire and Bead Style. Her book, Freeform Wire Woven Jewelry, was released in November 2013.

Kaska believes that teaching is an essential part of art making experience. She travels throughout the US teaching workshops at national shows, jewelry and bead societies, and jewelry schools. You can see Kaska’s work at www.designsbykaska.com and www.facebook.com/designsbykaska

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