Exploits in Clay

A pair of decorated ceramic cups
A decorated ceramic dish
A group of students hold clay masks over their faces as they pose

Date: June 18-June 22, 2018
Medium: Clay
Instructor: David and Tracy Gamble (email)
Skill Level: All

This course is designed for all and is especially good for art teachers. We will create clay masks, sushi plates, an image transfer project, and brush making as a bonus. Mostly hand building, most projects will start with images and a demonstration, and off we go. We will use sprig molds, textured rollers, texture molds, and our best tools (our hands), and underglazes for decoration. Focus is on construction and decorating and not all projects will be fired due to time constraints. David will share basics and tips on loading, firing, and testing in electric kilns.

Make and decorate in Clay! Join David and Tracy on a handbuilding adventure into clay animal faces & masks, along with brush making and underglaze decoration on both bisque and leather-hard clay (products courtesy of AMACO). There will be some tile work, too. We’ll exploit and explore texture, image transfer, and painting with glaze and underglaze using the brushes we’ve made. Work will be fired in electric kilns as time allows. This course is designed for all, all skill levels, and is especially good for art teachers.

Tuition does not cover the cost of supplies and materials. Many of the workshops require you to bring specific materials or tools with you.

Supply List

Supplies are subject to change. A final list will be emailed to each participant before the first day of class.


  • Brush making supplies. Purchase from instructor: $5.00

Other supplies and materials will be provided by CraftSummer.

Studio Fee

All workshops have a studio fee. Fees are collected at the end of the workshop and payable by check or credit card. MU no longer accepts cash.

Estimated studio fee for this workshop: $10-20*

*The final cost may vary depending on the actual cost of materials at the time of the workshop. It is possible for fees to be less or greater than the range indicated depending upon individual student usage.

About the Instructors

David and Tracy Gamble collaborate with a synergistic style for a fun and enthusiastic hands-on workshop. An MFA and MED graduate, David currently works with Skutt Ceramic Products and has conducted hundreds of workshops in the U.S. and Canada as well as symposiums in Eastern Europe. An MBA and MLS graduate, Tracy has conducted and collaborated on workshops and symposiums and is a studio potter and educator for American Art Clay Co. Tracy concentrates of creating functional pottery while David thinks of his current ceramic work as paintings that happen to be on clay with glazes being used as paint. Together, Tracy and David bring many decades of all kinds of clay experience with them and share a home and studio in Plainfield, Indiana.  Look for their ‘Studio Visit’ article in the September 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly.

New for 2018!

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